Mary Sullivan-White

I am from Des Moines originally. Went to ISU, met my husband in high school (Tim), who also attends CFA, and mom of Addison (9) and Parker (7). I have been in the pharmaceutical industry for 15 years and I have lived in 5 locations as I move with my career. We are hopefully here to stay! I started Crossfit in Missouri a few years ago and love it. Personally I love being able to push myself past comfort daily and reaching new goals. As a coach I love seeing people push past their own goals, accomplishing weights/skills they never dreamed possible. Each person attends for their own reasons, but they leave daily as part of our family. Crossfit is hard: which is why change is quick, you are usually sore and once you leave the gym feeling powerful…you want more. I love to teach and I usually end up in the coaching/leading role in everything I do.

“It’s YOUR Fitness Journey” and “Go heavy” are usually my answers to most questions;)

Trey Lovell

Trey Lovell.jpg

Trey Lovell was born and raised in Colorado and eventually he and his family moved to Atlantic Iowa his freshman year of high school, where he participated in Cross country and Basketball.  After graduating from Atlantic High School, Trey started college and is currently studying Criminal Justice.  He is a CrossFit Certified Level 1 Trainer. Trey was always pretty active when it came to fitness, spending most of his time at the YMCA. Always looking for different ways to workout.

“I like to work out but I could never really find some sort of fitness program that I was interested in.  I came across some Olympic lifting programs a couple years ago and I really digged it.  The more I learned about the Olympics lifts the more I would hear about this Crossfit stuff. So I looked into it and it seemed pretty righteous. So I did a work out and it killed me.  While I was lying in a puddle of my own sweat, I knew that this was the type of workout that I have been searching for.  And I’ve been doing it ever since.

Justin Jones

Justin grew up in small town southern Iowa and was a 4 sport athlete in high school. In college Justin ran track as a freshman, but decided to pursue his education, eventually graduating with a sociology/criminal justice degree. Justin was in on the foundations of CrossFit Ankeny. Even being called the OGG aka Original Garage Gangster, the only one left of the original garage group. Justin pursued lifting in the old fashion way of hitting the gym to do isolation movements and skip leg day. It wasn’t until 30 that he discovered CrossFit and at that point he was instantly hooked. He hasn’t looked back, even after passing out on day 3 from “Barbara.” Outside of CrossFit, Justin follows the model of faith, family, work. He enjoys spending time with his beautiful wife, 2 kids, hunting, working on cars and anything outdoors as well as volunteering at his local church.

“I strive to get better daily, to challenge myself, to be challenged and challenge others to perform to the best of their ability. Whether that is in the gym or outside we all need to be challenged. There is something to be said about the camaraderie that is built within a group of people when they strive to better themselves together in community. Thats what I love about CrossFit, especially CrossFit Ankeny. Call me crazy, but I enjoy the pain of a great CrossFit workout, it’s therapy only with blood and sweat. I look forward to this next chapter at CrossFit Ankeny and training others to better themselves daily.”

Mike Peterson 

I have been an athlete my whole life and after spending time as a tight end for the Green Bay Packers in 2008, I decided to finish my Master’s degree and pursue a career in Strength and Conditioning / Personal Training.  For my own personal goals I mainly stuck with football style training, while programming specifically to my client’s needs and goals.  For the last eight years, CrossFit has been in the back of my mind, but I never pursued it completely, only trying a few CrossFit workouts here and there.  Once I got into it 6 months ago on a consistent basis, I have quickly developed a strong passion for it.  It covers all of the general physical skills and teaches your body to work as a unit through functional movements.  The unique thing about CrossFit is it’s not just about physicality.  It’s about the mindset, team work, heart, and character.  My passion for CrossFit also grew because of the unique friendships of the people I compete against. We keep each other accountable, motivate, and push one another. We learn from each other, give each other advice and tips to make improvements in all areas.  Striving not just to compete with other people, but to make progress yourself and never be complacent. 

I love to help people reach their goals and I get excited when they start making improvements.  I also offer nutrition coaching and advice, as you should know your nutrition and training as well as sleep and controlling stress levels all affect one another and go hand in hand.  I’m excited about CrossFit Ankeny’s future and helping you accomplish your goals!

Kelly Schaefer

Kelly grew up in Belmond, IA competing in wrestling, football, baseball and track. He earned an Exercise Science degree with emphasis in Athletic Training from the U of Iowa in 2000. He primarily worked with the NCAA Championship wrestling teams of 1999, 2000. After graduation he moved to Chapel Hill, NC and worked as a personal trainer before returning to the U of Iowa to earn a Doctor of Pharmacy degree. He currently works full time as a pharmacist at Ankeny Pharmacy / Right Dose LTC Rx and part time as Director of Sports Nutrition for MorNatural Health & Fitness Soutions. Kelly joined Crossfit Ankeny a month after the gym opened in 2012 and has been in love with the community since day 1. He has spent the past 4 years studying, practicing & competing in the sport of fitness. He also won a NASA State powerlifting championship in 2015. Outside of the gym Kelly absolutely adores his wife, 2 kids and 3 dogs.