“CrossFit Ankeny is building a community through constantly varied, high intensity, universally scaleable workouts to enable our members to be prepared and able to thrive in their personal lives”.

Our mission at CrossFit Ankeny (CFA) is to improve your all around fitness for life. CrossFit by definition includes a wide variety of exercises and movements to better prepare you for what life throws your way. The saying above our gym door states: “CrossFit to live better; don’t live to CrossFit better.” CrossFit was designed to improve your life by increasing your General Physical Preparedness (GPP). We believe that applying this same “CrossFit” mindset to life will result in a wide verity of well rounded priorities such as God, Family, Country, Career, etc…with CrossFit down the list utilized only to make you the fittest you as possible, allowing you to better enjoy the things you truly care about.

One of the biggest advantages in taking your CrossFit journey outside your garage or local “Globo” gym into a CrossFit box like CFA is the Community Aspect. The Community Aspect of CrossFit was intended for nothing more than all the members participating in the same workout at the same time. This joint participation in the same Workout of the Day (WOD) creates an environment that cannot be matched in a traditional gym. The Community Aspect of all sweating, gasping for breath, and sometimes bleeding together, forms a bond, promotes friendly competition, and enhances encouragement of one another that is most often linked to the single factor that pushes clients to the next level and enables them to meet their fitness goals.

At CFA we believe true CrossFit is Universally Scaleable so that ANYONE can do it. One of the best sayings from the CrossFit certification course states: “The needs of an Olympic Athlete and your Grandmother differ by degree NOT type”. This simply means as humans God designed us all to squat, jump, pull, push, run, etc.; however, some of us can do those movements better than others. Intensity is relative, so the weight requirement for an Olympic Athlete is understandably going to be more than Grandma; however, they are still performing the same WOD and still each pushing themselves to their max. Because of CrossFit’s scalability (to go either up or down) we believe anyone can walk in the door and get an intense workout.

Unlike many traditional fitness programs CrossFit is inherently performance driven not cosmetic. Although positive cosmetic results WILL occur with CrossFit, our goal is increased performance. CFA does not believe in watering down WOD’s for the masses so that everyone can earn the treasured (Rx’d) next to their name. We want members to set realistic fitness goals and strive to reach those goals by destroying their biases and targeting their weaknesses. We encourage all our members to write their score on the white board after each WOD, because this promotes accountability and makes each day a gut check in friendly competition. Because members document their scores on WOD’s they can keep track of their performance and quantify the gains they are making. At CFA we believe in selling you a product that works, so that you can better enjoy your life.